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Inya Day Spa in the Press

Posted by damianl on August 17, 2013

The top-rated day spa in Yangon, Inya Day Spa, has recently attracted both local and international media coverage.

English-language newspaper the Myanmar Times recently tried Inya's exclusive Thalgo all-natural spa treatments and was particularly impressed. You can read more here.

Meanwhile, popular regional travel magazine South East Asian Backpacker took a look at Yangon's spa scene in general, focusing on Inya and Thaya Day Spas as examples of high-end full service day spas available to locals, tourists and expats alike in Yangon. They'll be posting a blog soon, but if you want to check out the article, their latest edition is well worth a read and can be found here.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Inya Day Spa. In the meantime, why not book your next treatment with us and enjoy the relaxation you deserve!

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