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Beauty as nature intended

Your spa treatment at Inya is complemented with all-natural premium spa products. Our InBloom range uses fruits, flowers and plants to invigorate your body and bring out your inherent beauty.

From shower gel and body scrubs to air fresheners and healthy green tea mixes, everything that makes your spa experience at Inya so incredible can be purchased and taken home with you to extend the benefits and maintain the natural beauty and balance of your body and mind.

Shower Gels & Creams
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Body Lotion
Moke Jasmine Green Tea
Natural Body Scrub
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Energise your senses as well as your mind - our all-natural shower gels & creams use carefully-sourced natural ingredients to leave your body fresh, scented and cleansed, from head to toe.
Available in: Jasmine Flower, Green Tea, Olive & Aloe Vera, Coconut & Lavendar
9,000 kyats each

Cool, moisturize and scent your skin with Inya Day Spa's body lotions, carefully formulated to give your skin the nourishment and protection it needs.
Available in: Moke, Jasmine Flower, Green Tea
9,000 kyats each

Our signature spa product is used exclusively at the Inya Day Spa. Made from the highest quality natural ingredients, these natural body scrubs are available in our 4 most popular flavors.
Available in: Green Tea, Jasmine Rice, Papaya, Tamarind
15,000 kyats each 

Visible Air Refresher
Green Tea – Cha Hom Putonam

Spread the beauty and benefits of the majestic Australian forest in your home or office. This air refresher sprays natural and aromatic eucalyptus essential oil into your room, taken from the tall evergreen Eucalyptus tree. Said to be anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial and a decongestant, this air refresher makes your spaces healthy and fragrant.
20,000 kyats

You know that Green Tea is good for you? Well, Cha Hom Putonam takes green tea, packs in a whole heap of natural herbs and hits you with a supertea blend that charges your body and soothes your mind.

Cha Hom is available in five formulas
  • Formula 1: Matoom (key ingredient: Bael Fruit), 150g, 28,000 kyats
  • Formula 2: Takrai (key ingredient: Lemongrass), 100g, 25,000 kyats
  • Formula 3: Detox, 100g, 25,000 kyats
  • Formula 4: Green Tea, 100g, 25,000 kyats
  • Formula 5: Relaxing, 100g, 25,000 kyats
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Imported directly and exclusively from Thailand, Cha Hom Putonam contains a mind-boggling list of well-known (and some not-so-well-known) natural herbs to help you face each day with vigour, purpose and energy:

  • Roselle (also known as hibiscus – reportedly helps lower blood pressure)
  • Granddiflora – (reportedly helps digestive system)
  • Mulberry leaf green tea (antioxidant properties)
  • Ginger (reportedly helps ease muscle pain and reduce nausea)
  • Jasmine (fragrant, adds flavour and reportedly helps sedate mood)
  • Pandanus Leaf (flavour and aroma)
  • Lotus Root and Lotus sprout (rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, potassium, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, copper, and manganese, while very low in saturated fat)
  • Safflower (reportedly helps regulate blood glucose levels and fatty-acid breakdown)
  • Bael Fruit (reportedly helps with digestion and is an effective antibacterial)
  • Lemongrass (reportedly helps with relieving cough and nasal congestion)

The result is a unique blend of tea that smells fragrant, tastes great and is full of goodness!