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Ensure pampering and relaxation are a highlight of and complement to your tour itineraries.

Our special offerings from tour companies ensures that your association with Yangon's leading day spas and top-rated attractions also reflect and reinforce you company's commitment to provide the best levels of quality and service to your clients. Make their trip to Myanmar with your company a truly unforgettable experience.

For large tour groups and licensed travel agents, please select one of our two options:

Option A: Large group discount on pre-purchased coupon books

By far the most popular option preferred by large groups, our Thai foot massage and Thai Body massage are and are the perfect unwind for products that feature city tours on foot, hiking or extended periods of overland travel across the country. Tour companies can now purchase coupon books – individually or in bulk – for substantial discounts off popular treatments Yangon’s leading full-service day spas – Inya and Thaya.

Each coupon book contains 20 vouchers, which offer 20% or 25% discounts off advertised prices for foot and Thai massages respectively. The pre-purchase of discounted treatments at Net Rate means that you are free to implement and price spa treatments at Yangon’s leading day spas into product itineraries and maintain control over margins.


Further, because the coupons are purchased in bulk, you need not worry about pre-booking and paying for a group treatment and then paying for no shows – just carry over any unused coupons for the next group or clients. Total flexibility, control and value for money.

These prepaid coupons are professionally designed and assure your clients of pre-payment for the service and a product itinerary of the highest calibre.

Option B: Customized discount plans for high spend clients

Please contact Damian at inyaspa(at) to receive our Agency Relations PDF if you are interested in customized packages for your small group.

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